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Aust J Plast Surg. 2019;2(2):1-84. | 30 SEPT 2019 | LINK

In this edition our editors-in-chief, Mark Ashton and Mark Lee, look at conflict of interest and why it is often easier to identify in others. Staying on ethics, Tang, Burgess, Park and Ramakrishnan look at ethical dilemmas in a case related to the surgical management of body integrity identity disorder.

Darrell Perkins offers guidelines and tips for getting your free paper abstract accepted at the ASPS PSC while Shen, Ware, O'Donohoe and Wasiak consider the reporting quality of systematic review abstracts in articles describing pathology of the hand and wrist.

Goldie, Sreedharan, Menezes and Cleland write on petrol-related burn injuries presenting to the Victorian Adult Burns Service. Meanwhile Alani, Southwell-Keely, Moisidis, Haddad, Kernohan and Clarke write about the prevention of surgical fires in facial plastic surgery.

In aesthetic surgery, Karunaratne, Langbart, Greenfield and Southwell-Keely look at the metabolic improvements of large-volume liposuction in acquired partial lipodystrophy.

Gibson, Woods, Bessen, Neuhaus, Farshid, Reid, Potter and Louise look at the Epidemiological trends in dermal sarcoma in Australia.

In general reconstruction, Yalcin and Teixeira look at primary cutaneous gamma-delta T cell lymphoma masquerading as severe soft tissue infection. Yeap, Ahn, Hoffman, Gillies and Vandervord write on the current evidence for outcomes of free-flap reconstruction in Factor V Leiden. Shayan, Hurley, Neoh, Flood and Weymouth look at the pedicled myocutaneous anterolateral thigh flap for reconstructing 'dual-defect' pressure sores in spinal patients.

In hand reconstruction, Sreedharan, Ross, Froelich, Cuellar and Karanth consider the free extensor retinaculum composite flap while Quinn and White look at palmaris profundus as a rare cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.

In craniomaxillofacial, Phan and Lin ask whether local anaesthetic-only upper blepharoplasty is a viable alternative.

And finally, Felix Behan offers a third essay on keystone perforator islander flaps with a focus on head and neck reconstruction particularly in relation to the elderly.

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Epidemiological trends in dermal sarcoma in Australia | Aust J Plast Surg. 2019:2(2):10–16| Original article | LINK
Edward Lawrence Michael Guy Gibson MBBS MSc, Roger H Woods MBBS FRACS, J Alexa Potter BM BCh FRACS, Jessica L Reid PhD, Jennie Louise PhD, Gelareh Farshid MBBS MPH FRCPA, Taryn Bessen MBBS PhD FRANZCR, Susan J Neuhaus MBBS PhD FRACS

Local anaesthetic-only upper blepharoplasty: a viable alternative? | Aust J Plast Surg. 2019:2(2):17–20| Original article | LINK
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Prevention of surgical fires in facial plastic surgery | Aust J Plast Surg. 2019:2(2):40-49| Original article | LINK
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Ethical dilemmas in the surgical management of body integrity identity disorder | Aust J Plast Surg. 2019:2(2):74–76 | Case report| LINK
Nicholas SJ Tang MBBS, Nicholas Burgess BBiomed MD, Hye-Sung Park MBBS, Anand Ramakrishnan MBBS MD FRACS

Primary cutaneous gamma-delta T-cell lymphoma masquerading as severe soft-tissue infection | Aust J Plast Surg. 2019:2(2):77–79 | Case report| LINK
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Guidelines and tips for getting your abstract accepted: ASPS plastic surgery congress | Aust J Plast Surg. 2019;2(2):4–6 | Editorial | LINK
Dr Darrell Perkins MBBS(Hons) BMedSc FRACS