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General reconstruction

General reconstruction

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A novel application of the lotus petal flap in high-risk perineal urethrostomy: principles and outcomes

Daniel J Reilly, Eric K Sham, Justin BL Chee, Ajay Chauhan
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Page 137-141

Biodegradable temporising matrix for necrotising soft tissue infections: a case report

Sadhishaan Sreedharan, Edwin Morrison, Heather Cleland, Sophie Ricketts, Frank Bruscino-Raiola
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Page 106-109

Fibular epiphyseal transfer: the peroneal vessels revisited

Adrian D Murphy, Christopher J Coombs
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Page 100-102

Then, now and later

G Ian Taylor AO
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Page 17-18

Understanding the vascular anatomy of zone IV in DIEA perforator flaps

Felicity V Connon, G Ian Taylor AO, Adam C Gascoigne, Russell Corlett, Mark W Ashton
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Page 71-80