Thank you for contributing your time, enthusiasm and expertise to being a reviewer for the Australasian Journal of Plastic Surgery ensuring its growth and success. 

All unpublished manuscripts are confidential documents. If we invite you to review an article please do not discuss it even with a colleague: if you would like to pass it on to someone else to review please email first.

We ask all reviewers to:

  • Please declare any competing interest that might relate to the article.
  • Please give detailed and constructive comments (with references, whenever possible) that will both help the editors to make a decision on the article and the authors to improve it.

For all articles, consider:

  • Does it read well and make sense? 
  • Is it original? Does it add enough to existing knowledge and literature? cite relevant references to support your comments on originality.
  • Is the research question clearly defined and appropriately answered?
  • Is the overall design of study appropriate and adequate to answer the research question?
  • Are the participants adequately described, their conditions defined, inclusion and exclusion criteria described? How representative are they of patients for whom this evidence might affect?
  • Are the methods adequately described? Is the main outcome measure clear? Was the study ethical?
  • Do the results answer the research question? Are they credible? Well presented?
  • Are the author(s) interpretations and conclusions warranted by and sufficiently derived from/focused on, the data? Has the conclusions been discussed in the light of previous evidence? Is the overall message clear?
  • Are the references up to date and relevant? Any there any glaring omissions?
  • Does the abstract/summary/key messages accurately reflect what the article says?

We recommend that reviewers read the About the Journal page for the journal's section policies, Author Guidelines for manuscript type requirements as well as the journal's Peer Review Handbook.