Age/sex Comorbidities Diagnosis Enneking stage Pre-surgical treatment
Case 1 59F HTN, GORD,
Recurrent R thigh UPS, invading medial and posterior compartments IIB NAdj RTx, WLE
Case 2 52F Ehlers Danlos, asthma, PSC, RA L thigh UPS, invading medial and lateral compartments IIB NAdj RTx
Case 3 63M Femoral neck GCTà femoral neck fracture R proximal femur giant cell rich osteosarcoma IIB Femoral drilling + curette (previous femoral neck GCT), DHS, hemiarthroplasty, NAdj CTx
Case 4 48F Psoriasis R acetabular dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma, invading piriformis, abutting gluteal vessels IIB Nil