Devil's advocate

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Mark Lee
Mark Ashton


surgeons, attitudes, dissent and disputes, plastic surgery


Is our speciality vulnerable to "groupthink"? Probably so. We are a relatively small and cohesive group, from similar backgrounds, who believe in our own inherent morality.

It is important to remember that some of the techniques we are using today may be modified or even totally reversed in time and so it is imperative that we, as a specialty, continually reflect on what we do. We must all challenge accepted dogma. We must allow those with dissenting opinions to speak up.

Valid advances and new techniques are able to withstand questioning and o win over even the most vocal critics. It is not the act of questioning which is at fault. Indeed, the questioning of new and established surgical dogma is integral to any worthwhile scientific discussion. Hopefully this journal can in some way be our specialty’s advocatus diaboli.


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