A novel application of the lotus petal flap in high-risk perineal urethrostomy: principles and outcomes

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Daniel J Reilly
Eric K Sham
Justin BL Chee
Ajay Chauhan


urethra, urologic surgical procedures male, penis, perineum


Introduction: Perineal urethrostomy is a valuable technique in the management of complex anterior urethral strictures, as well as following penectomy or urethrectomy. Traditional techniques that employ perineal or scrotal skin flaps have documented failure rates of up to 30%. Current techniques for salvage have only modest success, leaving patients few options other than permanent suprapubic catheter or cystectomy and ileal conduit formation.

Results: We present a new method of perineal urethrostomy using perforator-based lotus petal flaps in cases which were high risk or unsuitable for traditional perineal urethrostomy techniques, or where traditional strategies had failed. All patients demonstrated continent voiding at a minimum of 22 months follow-up, with patency confirmed by flexible cystoscopy. No complications were encountered.

Conclusion: Utilisation of lotus petal flaps in high-risk cases of perineal urethrostomy will lead to significant improvements in patient outcomes. The availability of larger amounts of soft tissue coverage will obviate the need for compromise on either resection of involved urethra, or calibre and inset of urethrostomy. This will subsequently minimise the rates of failure, reduce the requirement for urinary diversion procedures and lead to improved quality of life.


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