Utility of parascapular flaps for regional reconstruction of upper back defects: a case series

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Jemima J Dorairaj
Gareth D Kiernan
Rizwan Sheikh
Richard Zinn


humans, perforator flaps, reconstructive surgical procedures


The latissimus dorsi (LD) flap has classically been described for posterior upper quadrant trunk defects. Perforator flaps have gained popularity among reconstructive surgeons as the predictable anatomy and muscle-sparing nature of parascapular flaps make this an attractive reconstructive option. We describe the versatility of the parascapular flap for reconstruction of defects in the axilla, deltoid, scapula and paraspinal region performed in six patients over a two-year period. The history of the parascapular flap, technique, patient outcomes and technical pearls are also discussed. We recommend this flap be considered a workhorse flap for defects in the posterior upper quadrant.


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