Thoracic osteomyelitis secondary to a complicated digital mucous cyst infection: a case report

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Jake L Nowicki
Andrew Raymond
Phillip A Griffin


sceptic arthritis, osteomyelitis, cysts


Since the first description by Hyde in 1883,1 the pathogenesis and clinical features of digital mucous (DM) cysts, as well as treatment options, have been well described in the literature.2 Complications associated with surgical treatment include cyst recurrence, loss of range of motion of the distal interphalangeal (DIP) joint, joint stiffness, post-surgical infection and nail dystrophies.3 Digital mucous cyst infection prior to treatment is not well documented. This report describes a complicated case of a DM cyst infection upon presentation with subsequent development of DIP joint septic arthritis, bacteremia and thoracic spinal osteomyelitis.


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