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COVID-19 as a topic

Includes the disease (coronavirus disease - COVID-19) and the virus (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 - SARS-CoV-2) as a topic.

For MESH terms, see also Pandemics

Epidemics of infectious disease that have spread to many countries, often more than one continent, and usually affecting a large number of people.


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Effects of COVID-19 lockdown on emergency paediatric plastic surgery admissions

Dr Ahmad Sulaiman, Claire Yinn Lim, Marcio Brussius Coelho, Dr Peter Hayward, Dr Sean Nicklin, A/Prof Mark Gianoutsos
Abstract 73 | pdf Downloads 87

Page 60-65

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the management of cutaneous malignancies in Australia

Sadhishaan Sreedharan, Subhashaan Sreedharan, Mustafa Mian
Abstract 87 | pdf Downloads 92

Page 54-59

Light at the end of the tunnel

Mark Lee, Mark Ashton
Abstract 224 | PDF Downloads 194 HTML Downloads 256

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Pitfalls of telehealth in the management of skin cancer: a COVID-19 perspective

David Lu, Angela Webb
Abstract 410 | PDF Downloads 268 HTML Downloads 107

Page 64–66


Mark Ashton, Mark Lee
Abstract 284 | PDF Downloads 151 HTML Downloads 88

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Suffering in silence

Mark Ashton, Mark Lee
Abstract 205 | HTML Downloads 378 PDF Downloads 162

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Wellness, burnout and resilience

Dan Kennedy
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