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Aesthetic surgery

Plastic surgery: The branch of surgery concerned with restoration, reconstruction, or improvement of defective, damaged, or missing structures.


Also, cosmetic surgery


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Aesthetic, cosmetic and reconstructive: why words matter

Robert Sheen
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Page 67–69

Airway complication associated with injection of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid into the neck: a case report

Sanith Cheriyan, Jacob Jervis-Bardy
Abstract 328 | PDF Downloads 320 HTML Downloads 414

Page 63-66

ATX-101 (deoxycholic acid injection) in submental fat reduction: a case report

Ling-Yun Chang, Tim Sebastian Peltz, William C H Parr, William R Walsh, Jeremy Hunt
Abstract 64 | pdf Downloads 114

Page 23-28

Defining cosmetic surgery

Nicola R Dean, Kristen Foley, Paul Ward
Abstract 6664 | PDF Downloads 1219 HTML Downloads 331

Page 37-45

Frostbite following cryolipolysis: a case report

Patricia Jane Terrill, Kin Seng Tong, Daniel Williams
Abstract 1193 | PDF Downloads 512 HTML Downloads 1143

Page 110-113

How to do the Pisces mastectomy for female-to-male top surgery

Daniel WH Wong, Tai K Lam
Abstract 77 | pdf Downloads 117

Page 80-83

Large-volume liposuction in acquired partial lipodystrophy

Yasiru Gehan Karunaratne, Marc Langbart, Jerry R Greenfield, James Southwell-Keely
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Page 67-69

Mainstream media discourse around top surgery in Aotearoa New Zealand: a qualitative analysis

Dr Rebecca Duncan, Charlie Eggleton
Abstract 499 | pdf Downloads 260

Page 29-36

Part of the problem or part of the solution? Plastic surgeons and body image dissatisfaction

Nichola Jane Rumsey, Phillippa Diedrichs
Abstract 1477 | PDF Downloads 701 HTML Downloads 13041

Page 74-84

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