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Breast-related plastic surgery

Breast: In humans, one of the paired regions in the anterior portion of the THORAX. The breasts consist of the MAMMARY GLANDS, the SKIN, the MUSCLES.


Also, mammaplasty, mastectomy, mammography

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PET positive tattoo lymphadenopathy: a case report and review of the literature

Sarah Lonie, Alisha Fong, Peter Gregory, Manish Jain, George Pratt
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Page 96-100

Preoperative CT angiography to facilitate pedicle selection for high-risk breast reduction patients

Jessica Kierath, Richard Lewin, Mark Andrew Lee
Abstract 627 | PDF Downloads 357 HTML Downloads 35

Page 107-112

Prevention of thermal injury from lighted retractors in breast surgery: a comparative study of optical cable calibre

Danielle Nizzero, Roland Deek, Nicola R Dean
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Page 39-42

Superomedial pedicle reduction mammaplasty with and without drains: a comparative analysis

Derek G Liang, Varun Harish, Steven L Merten
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Page 31-36

The financial burden of complications of overseas breast implants at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

Isabel Gonzalez Matheus, Matthew Peters, Marie-Claire Edmunds
Abstract 59 | PDF Downloads 38

Page 43-47

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