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Burns-related plastic surgery

Burns: Injuries to tissues caused by contact with heat, steam, chemicals, electricity, or the like.


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A decade of Australian reconstructive burn surgery in Nepal 2004-2014

David George Pennington
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Page 46-53

Exploding power: a statewide review of lithium battery related burns

Jason Diab, Justine O’Hara , Andrea-Issler Fisher, Erik La Hei, Robert Gates , John Vandervord, Andrew JA Holland, Peter Maitz
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Firework and sparkler burns in paediatric patients

Daniel Ricciardello, Nam Kyu Yang, Kira Chamberlain, Andrew Holland
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Petrol-related burn injuries presenting to the Victorian Adult Burns Service

Sadhishaan Sreedharan, Hana Menezes, Heathe Cleland, Stephen Goldie
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Prevention of surgical fires in facial plastic surgery

Harith Alani, James Southwell-Keely, Elias Moisidis, Roger Haddad, Frederick Clarke, Michael Kernohan
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Strategic management of acute burn: implications for long-term scarring

Tania CS Cubison
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