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Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery


Also, aesthetic surgery, esthetic surgery, plastic surgery

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Aesthetic, cosmetic and reconstructive: why words matter

Robert Sheen
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Page 67–69

Airway complication associated with injection of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid into the neck: a case report

Sanith Cheriyan, Jacob Jervis-Bardy
Abstract 328 | PDF Downloads 320 HTML Downloads 414

Page 63-66

Cosmetic and plastic surgeons: what’s the difference?

Mark Ashton, Mark Lee
Abstract 616 | PDF Downloads 479 html Downloads 398

Page 1-3

Cosmetic breast augmentation in Australia: a cost of complication study

George S Miller, Suzanne Robinson, Christopher M Reid, David J Hunter-Smith
Abstract 1261 | PDF Downloads 605 HTML Downloads 799

Page 51-64

Cosmetic surgery changes for patient safety

Sally Langley
Abstract 159 | pdf Downloads 176

Page 5-7

Cosmetic surgery—why training matters

Professor Mark Ashton , Dr Mark Lee 
Abstract 192 | pdf Downloads 180

Page 1-4

Defining cosmetic surgery

Nicola R Dean, Kristen Foley, Paul Ward
Abstract 6664 | PDF Downloads 1219 HTML Downloads 331

Page 37-45

A standardised system of photography to assess cosmetic facial surgery

Peter Philip Callan, Woodrow Wilson
Abstract 306 | HTML Downloads 1474 PDF Downloads 334

Page 8–21

The financial burden of complications of overseas breast implants at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

Isabel Gonzalez Matheus, Matthew Peters, Marie-Claire Edmunds
Abstract 197 | PDF Downloads 324

Page 43-47

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