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General reconstruction

General reconstruction - surgery

Procedures used to reconstruct, restore, or improve defective, damaged, or missing structures.


Also, plastic surgery, cosmetic reconstructive surgery, cosmetic reconstructive surgical procedure, reconstructive surgical procedure, reconstructive surgical procedures


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A novel application of the lotus petal flap in high-risk perineal urethrostomy: principles and outcomes

Daniel J Reilly, Eric K Sham, Justin BL Chee, Ajay Chauhan
Abstract 855 | PDF Downloads 743 HTML Downloads 192

Page 135-139

An update on the management of nerve gaps

William Alexander, Christopher Coombs
Abstract 391 | PDF Downloads 160 HTML Downloads 54

Page 3-7

Biodegradable temporising matrix for necrotising soft tissue infections: a case report

Sadhishaan Sreedharan, Edwin Morrison, Heather Cleland, Sophie Ricketts, Frank Bruscino-Raiola
Abstract 1649 | PDF Downloads 879 HTML Downloads 2345

Page 106-109

Biodegradable temporising matrix in severe meningococcal septicaemia: a case report

Matthew Jennings, Jake Willet, Patrick Coghlan, Nicholas S Solanki, John E Greenwood
Abstract 461 | PDF Downloads 365 HTML Downloads 172

Page 67-70

Corneal neurotisation for neurotrophic keratopathy with a sural nerve autograft: a case report

David Moore, Chameen Samarawickrama, Krishna Tumuluri , Quan Ngo
Abstract 164 | HTML Downloads 148 PDF Downloads 96

Page 93–96

Current evidence for outcomes of free-flap reconstruction in factor V Leiden patients

Isobel Yeap, Chris Ahn, Stuart Hoffman, Rowan Gillies, John Vandervord
Abstract 707 | PDF Downloads 365 HTML Downloads 373

Page 58-66

Dynamic facial reanimation in the elderly using masseteric-to-facial nerve transfer

Sadhishaan Sreedharan, Jieyun Zhou, George Pratt
Abstract 175 | HTML Downloads 192 PDF Downloads 102

Page 78–84

Ethical dilemmas in the surgical management of body integrity identity disorder

Nicholas Tang, Nicholas Burgess, Hye-Sung Park, Anand Ramakrishnan
Abstract 607 | PDF Downloads 366 HTML Downloads 329

Page 73-75

Experiences of women undergoing abdominoplasty in the public sector: a qualitative study

Nicola R Dean, Kristen Foley, Randall Long, Paul Ward
Abstract 99 | PDF Downloads 82

Page 56-67

Fibular epiphyseal transfer: the peroneal vessels revisited

Adrian D Murphy, Christopher J Coombs
Abstract 535 | PDF Downloads 304 HTML Downloads 285

Page 100-102

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