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Hand-related surgery

Hand: The distal part of the arm beyond the wrist in humans and primates, that includes the palm, fingers, and thumb.


Also, abnormalities: congenital hand deformities, injuries: hand injuries, transplantation: hand transplantation

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Acute carpal tunnel syndrome as first presentation of amyloidosis: a case report

Hardip Chahal, Prasad Athreya , David Stewart
Abstract 178 | HTML Downloads 470 PDF Downloads 138

Page 97–99

An unusual presentation of digital neurilemmoma: a case report

Olivia Perotti, Fraser Gilmour
Abstract 523 | PDF Downloads 337 HTML Downloads 264

Page 103-105

The Australian hand difference register: sharing clinical experience

David B McCombe, Christopher J Coombs
Abstract 447 | PDF Downloads 232 HTML Downloads 162

Page 19-20

Carpal tunnel syndrome due to Mycobacterium szulgai infection: Australian report

Harrison Theile, Ryan Beattie, Libby Anderson
Abstract 309 | PDF Downloads 185 HTML Downloads 331

Page 75-78

Characteristics and assessment of children undergoing upper limb surgery for management of cerebral palsy

Danielle Sabella, Adam Scheinberg, Bruce Johnstone, David McCombe, Monika Hasnat
Abstract 494 | PDF Downloads 249 HTML Downloads 421

Page 35-47

Collagenase injections for Dupuytren’s in Australian public hospitals: a cost analysis

Devlin Elliott, Randy Bindra, Sujoy Roychowdhury, Tracy Comans, Jason Fletcher
Abstract 1438 | pdf Downloads 1825 HTML Downloads 250

Page 17-22

Conservative treatment of subcapital phalangeal fracture malunions

David McCombe, Brinkley K Sandvall, Christopher J Coombs
Abstract 417 | PDF Downloads 486 HTML Downloads 429

Page 47-49

The contribution of Australian research to Dupuytren’s disease

Robert Phan, David Hunter-Smith, Warren Rozen
Abstract 893 | PDF Downloads 420 HTML Downloads 287

Page 39-46

Different collagenase delivery for Dupuytren disease in public hospitals

Jessca A Paynter, Vicky Tobin, James CS Leong, Warren Matthew Rozen, David J Hunter-Smith
Abstract 480 | PDF Downloads 236 HTML Downloads 139

Page 22-31

Digital flexor tendon rupture due to gout: a case report and literature review

Sean Kwang Howe Leow, Robert Knight
Abstract 177 | PDF Downloads 322

Page 104-106

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