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Head and neck

Head and neck surgery

Head: The upper part of the human body, or the front or upper part of the body of an animal, typically separated from the rest of the body by a neck, and containing the brain, mouth, and sense organs.


Also, skull, facial bones, injuries: craniocerebral trauma

Neck: The part of a human or animal body connecting the head to the rest of the body.


Also, cervical vertebrae, neck muscles

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A keystone solution for major head and neck reconstructions

Felix Behan
Abstract 573 | PDF Downloads 130 HTML Downloads 237 Video Downloads 0

Page 79-83

The evolution of head and neck reconstruction

Sydney Ch'ng, Peter C Neligan
Abstract 716 | PDF Downloads 96 HTML Downloads 261

Page 24-30

Facial artery myomucosal flap reconstruction of a hemilaryngectomy defect: a case report

Sarah Adamson, Associate Professor Bernard Lyons, Damien Grinsell
Abstract 179 | PDF Downloads 361

Page 107-109

Microsurgical scalp reconstruction and cranioplasty refined

Sonia Sinclair, Kiane Zhou, Jia Miin Yip, Shagun Aggarwal, Alistair Jukes, Jonathan R Clark, Brindha Shivalingham, Sydney Ch'ng
Abstract 297 | PDF Downloads 349

Page 74-79

A modified tubed anterolateral free flap for reconstruction of total laryngopharyngectomy

Morgan Haines, Phaethon Karagiannis, Roger Haddad, James Southwell-Keely, Elias Moisidis
Abstract 73 | pdf Downloads 99

Page 44-53

Parotid mucoepidermoid carcinoma with extensive intravenous metastasis: a case report

Alice Flavell-Birch, Helen D Brasch, Swee T Tan
Abstract 350 | PDF Downloads 178 HTML Downloads 304

Page 71-74