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Paediatric plastic surgery

Child health: Covering the physical and mental conditions of children.


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Biodegradable temporising matrix in severe meningococcal septicaemia: a case report

Matthew Jennings, Jake Willet, Patrick Coghlan, Nicholas S Solanki, John E Greenwood
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Page 67-70

Characteristics and assessment of children undergoing upper limb surgery for management of cerebral palsy

Danielle Sabella, Adam Scheinberg, Bruce Johnstone, David McCombe, Monika Hasnat
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Page 35-47

Firework and sparkler burns in paediatric patients

Daniel Ricciardello, Nam Kyu Yang, Kira Chamberlain, Andrew Holland
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Unexpected diagnosis of a pilomatrixoma in an infant: a case report

Daniel Wong, Timothy Chew, Edward Gibson, Bernard Carney
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Page 110-112