Published: 2018-03-01

The Australasian Journal of Plastic Surgery is a peer-reviewed online-only journal established by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Australasian Foundation for Plastic Surgery and the New Zealand Association of Plastic Surgeons. The journal is published twice a year, in March and November, with plans to increase publication in due course.

The aim of the Australasian Journal of Plastic Surgery is to provide a platform for research and review in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery in the form of original and review articles, case reports, perspectives, editorials, letters to the editor, media reviews and technical 'how to' video library procedures as well as practical, non-clinical skills for surgeons.

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Australasian Journal of Plastic Surgery: first edition

Mark Andrew Lee, Mark Ashton
Abstract 397 | PDF Downloads 439 HTML Downloads 58

The time for Australian plastic surgery to have one voice

Bryan C. Mendelson
Abstract 207 | PDF Downloads 178 HTML Downloads 32

Plastic surgery origins and the antipodean influence

Wayne Morrison AM
Abstract 158 | PDF Downloads 283 HTML Downloads 52

Then, now and later

G. Ian Taylor AO
Abstract 143 | PDF Downloads 142 HTML Downloads 35

The Australasian Foundation for Plastic Surgery comes of age

Richard Barnett
Abstract 106 | PDF Downloads 93 HTML Downloads 24

History of plastic surgery and military surgery

Hugh Bartholomeusz OAM RFD
Abstract 119 | PDF Downloads 121 HTML Downloads 66

The power of collaboration

Rodney Cooter, Ingrid Hopper
Abstract 177 | PDF Downloads 142 HTML Downloads 26

The reconstructive origin of cosmetic surgery: dispelling a myth

Mark R. Magnusson
Abstract 545 | PDF Downloads 249 HTML Downloads 29

Plastic surgery curriculum review

David Morgan
Abstract 132 | PDF Downloads 139 HTML Downloads 19

The future of skin cancer surgery: what role for plastic surgeons?

Ramin Shayan
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 193 HTML Downloads 22

Advances in cleft care over the last 40 years

Brian C. Sommerlad
Abstract 104 | PDF Downloads 107 HTML Downloads 17

Original articles

Keystone perforator island flap: A clinical summary of 28 melanoma cases

Felix Behan
Abstract 184 | PDF Downloads 334 HTML Downloads 41

War, facial surgery and itinerant Kiwis: The New Zealand plastic surgery story

Earle Brown, Michael F. Klaassen
Abstract 168 | PDF Downloads 348 HTML Downloads 141

A Comparison of maxillofacial trauma before and after implementation of lockout laws in Sydney

Shiv Chopra, Rhys Gordon van der Rijt, Quan Ngo, Frederick K. Clarke, James Peter Southwell-Keely, Kristy Robledo, Elias Moisidis
Abstract 257 | PDF Downloads 127 HTML Downloads 43

Understanding the Vascular Anatomy of Zone IV in DIEA Perforator Flaps: A Review of the Literature and Anatomical Studies

Felicity V. Connon, G. Ian Taylor AO, Adam C. Gascoigne, Russell Corlett, Mark W. Ashton
Abstract 174 | PDF Downloads 352 HTML Downloads 84

A critical analysis of the management of craniofacial microsomia

David John David AC
Abstract 174 | PDF Downloads 326 HTML Downloads 44

Defining cosmetic surgery

Nicola R. Dean, Kristen Foley, Paul Ward
Abstract 857 | PDF Downloads 820 HTML Downloads 49

Developing professional judgement in surgical trainees: the role of critical reflection

Timothy William Gray, Christopher John Coombs
Abstract 296 | PDF Downloads 278 HTML Downloads 33

Pre-Operative CT Angiography to Facilitate Pedicle Selection for High-Risk Breast Reduction Patients

Jessica Kierath, Richard Lewin, Mark Andrew Lee
Abstract 141 | PDF Downloads 106 HTML Downloads 32

Does the GOSLON yardstick predict the need for orthognathic surgery?

Kirstin Miteff, Mark Jonathon Walters, Shahriar Raj Zaman, Wendy Nicholls, Steve Singer, David Gillett
Abstract 147 | PDF Downloads 154 HTML Downloads 176

A decade of Australian reconstructive burn surgery in Nepal 2004-2014

David George Pennington
Abstract 114 | PDF Downloads 145 HTML Downloads 39

Plastic and reconstructive surgical research in Australia and New Zealand: A bibliometric analysis

Olivia M. Perotti, Storm Holwill, Sadhishaan Sreedharan, Daniel J. Reilly, Warren M. Rozen, David J. Hunter-Smith
Abstract 189 | PDF Downloads 152 HTML Downloads 39

A novel application of the lotus petal flap in high-risk perineal urethrostomy: principles and outcomes

Daniel J. Reilly, Eric K. Sham, Justin B. L. Chee, Ajay Chauhan
Abstract 137 | PDF Downloads 222 HTML Downloads 32

Case reports